Potly is your ultimate source for delicious and easy-to-follow recipes. With over 200k recipes, you'll never run out of meal ideas. Download now and start cooking like a pro!

Intagram Like Reels

Enjoy watching how people from arround the world are making their tasty meals in a bite sized short videos (Reels) while good music is playing in the background.

Full Recipes

You'll not only be able to watch and follow the video recipes but you can also get the full list of ingredients along with nutrition info and step by step instructions.

Make as you go

The instructions swipe & watch makes is easy for you to read instructions one by one and also have a looping video preview of each instruction so you won't miss it.


Not able to prepare the recipe today, not a problem! you can always save recipes to your favorites and watch and prepare them later.


Each recipe comes with a list of related recipes that are similar to it and that you can get inspired from so that you'll never get out of ideas.

Curated lists

The home page curated lists updates too often based on many factors like seasons, events, hollidays recipes, it will make it easy for you to pick your next recipe to cook with no need to search.

Advanced search

You can always use the search feature to look for recipes based on flavors, engridients... even when you only have a few ingredients setting in you fridge you are able to look for new meals to make.

How others made it

In the Recipes details screen under the video section check tens or hundreds of pictures featuring how other people just like you using the app made the recipes.


Not only you can see pictures of how other people made the recipes but you can also read through the tips they are recommending for each recipe.